Q: What is included in a free no obligation review of my needs or an initial conversation?

A: Charlene Steele will determine what you want, what she can offer through The Food Truck Queen and identify one of our package options for consideration or custom create a package just for you.

Q: Can you guys give me free advice?

A: Some advice is free however we ask that you realize that our IP (intellectual property) on how we do things took years to make us experts in the fields of services we offer. Most of our consulting requires compensation.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No! The Food Truck Queen does not offer any form of refund(s) when we are retained as all of our work is specialized for each Client individually. Before you retain The Food Truck Queen and/or Charlene Steele please make sure you want the services we offer and are willing to work with us to completion.

Q: Are the prices and packages firm, or will my prices change?

A: The Food Truck Queen takes pride in sticking to the price quotes given however our Clients are the Boss and if/when a Client wants additional products are services this will require additional compensation. We work with each Client to make sure they understand this upfront before any additional compensation is required.

Q: Your Gallery and Product offerings are limited, is there more to see?

A: Yes! We selectively share content, information and images that do not fully display our IP (intellectual property) to protect its integrity and the hard work of The Food Truck Queen. Additionally anyone who would try to "copy" our techniques or reachout to our suppliers will not likely have the same positive experience as they will working with us directly.

Q: What is your turn-around time?

A: We set a schedule for each project we work on individually with each Client upon being retained and this schedule has a built-in flexibility for the things The Food Truck Queen cannot control.

Q: Do you guarantee I will be approved for my inspecitions and certifications if I use your services?

A: The answer is both YES and NO! Yes, when you follow our consulting and guidance and work with us to meet or exceed the applicable requirements. No, if you do not follow our guidance or insist on doing things we suggest you do not. We are 2% of your 100% success equation and you are the other 98%. Our expertise saves our Clients time and money because we know what we are doing.