Our Services

In and Out Services

This option gives our Clients unlimited phone, email and text consulting for 5 business days. Just some of the benefits are; a.) addressing and consulting on personnel issues, b.) suggestions for business direction, c.) new job and business opportunities, d.) policy and protocol decisions, e.) cost controls and f.) a diversity of other engagement activity suggestions. Please "Contact Us" today to learn more about this service.

Weekly Consulting for 4 weeks

This option is an enhanced and more elaborate version of our In and Out Services because The Food Truck Queen spends a considerable amount of time consulting our Clients on additional areas of concern that include, however are not limited to, the following; a.) cost controls, b.) inventory management, c.) advertising, marketing and branding initiatives, d.) management and personnel issues, e.) planning and f.) so much more. The additional time allows The Food Truck Queen to consult our Clients in a more comprehensive manner so contact us to learn more about this service.

Business Development Consulting
$5,500 to $7,500

Over a 6 months period of time The Food Truck Queen will combine the consulting and business development services featured in the previous 5 day and 4 week programs into a comprehensive 6 month business development program. Our services are advanced in this area and include; a.) business management, b.) relationship development, c.) cooperative leveraging, d.) financial management, e.) food menu development, equipment and technology management and f.) advanced planning and execution for scaling your business and maximizing profitability.

Business Development and Expansion Consulting
$8,500 to $12,500

Over a 12 month period The Food Truck Queen will advise and consult you in each stage of your business development and expansion that includes the individualized services previously outlined in other packages and adds advanced knowledge development to coach you on scaling the business. In addition we give you access to our "Select Network of Professionals" who can be instrumental in expediting your applicable learning curves in all areas of your business. This advanced consulting is designed to help those Clients who have a "big picture" in mind and who want full scale options to expedite their success. Please Contact Us to explore this and other customizable options that may be a good fit for your individual needs.

Food Truck and Trailer Design and Build-out

The Food Truck Queen specializes in the design and build-out of food truck and trailer mobile units fully customized for the food type and demographics of the Client where service will be delivered.

Restaurant Kitchen Design and Remodeling

The Food Truck Queen also specializes in restaurant kitchen design and build-out including remodeling and repair. Our services in this area are diverse so request a free no obligation review of your needs today. We can work with the Chef, the Owner or the restaurant Manager to fulfill any need.

ServSafe Certification and Consulting Services

Charlene Steele is a certified instructor and provides training and consulting to restaurants and mobile food truck and trailer businesses. From compliance to operations we can provide you with the necessary tools to enable your success. Our ongoing safety checklists are designed for each Client individual to ensure regulatory compliance. Our extensive knowledge and hands on expertise will benefit our Clients greatly saving them time and money in the long run.

Advanced Services

The Food Truck Queen can also help our Clients with services to design and build-out other non-food related trailers in almost any industry. From make-up trailers to communication trailers and truck units we can create a solution that meets your needs.